"You are an heaven sent, and i will always appreciate you for bringing back the love of my life! 

Kelvin, Canada.

"Thanks for the great job man, my ex is back for real" - Micheal, London

"Only God will reward you for the kind of help you rendered. Thanks for restoring the glory and happiness of my home are the most powerful and trustful spell caster I have ever met, there is no doubt in that. - Joe, HongKong.

Dear Alagbadaina, 

You are the best Thank you so very much . You are my angel. Guess what Mika and I are engaged and have set a date. I will email you soon with all the details. We want you there. Talk to you soon.

All our love, Allison and MIke, Carlsbad, CA

"Unlike other psychics, Alagbadanina's readings were very candid and honest. She tells you as she sees it. And I was particularly amazed at the accuracy and detail of her readings. Assam Sartor, Virginia

"Everything seemed to have gone wrong for me. I was on the verge of giving up on living. I was retrenched from my job and was about to lose my 1-year-old daughter in a fight for custody in my divorce case. I didn’t get any emotional or financial support from my parents and siblings. I was devastated.

Alagadaina did a reading for me and told me that I will not lose my daughter. She also told me that I would get a good job. She did several healing and balancing sessions to balance my energies and auras. Alagbadaina said that the healing and balancing would help to build up my confidence levels and attract positive energies towards me.

Everything happened according to what Alagbadaina said. I won custody of my daughter. I now have a job that pays me reasonably well. My working environment is good and I have a fantastic boss who is wonderful to work for. What more can a person ask for.

I am deeply grateful for the help Alagbadaina has given me.
Today, I call to Alagbadaina for any matters on which I need guidance.

Serena Loch, Singapore

Having had a reading by Alagbadaina I found her description of my personality, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes stunningly accurate. Her predictions about what would unfold within my life have also been highly accurate. I was also impressed by the fact that several times during my reading I would inadvertently start to say that she was right about something she was picking up on about me. I would try to interject an explanation as to why Alagbadaina was correct in what she was saying, but each and every time I did so Alagbadaina would immediately jump in with "Don't say anything please." She handled the reading in this way so as not to be subconsciously fed answers by me which was truly honorable of her. This shows that Alagbadaina is a spiritual worker of great integrity. Alagbadaina's kind and compassionate nature shines through in the way she conducts her readings, touching the heart and soul. I was enlightened, guided and uplifted by Alagbadaina's reading and look forward to having another reading by Alagbadaina in the near future.
Melinda Henderson, New York

Dear Alagbadaina,
Words can’t explain how I feel about our phone reading . You have helped me heal by knowing my son Martin is still around me. I would describe you as a gift from God. You are worth more than anyone could ever pay you. I know people who had readings with other mediums and they told me they never got a reading like the one you gave me.I know in my heart that you are close to heaven and God. May He continue to bless you always. You will forever be close to my heart...

Samantha Livingston, Texas

I feel as though I have made a good friend, and believe me, when I get up to Long Island I will be sure to make some arrangements to get you on my TV show this summer.

William Sands, New Jersey

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